Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who Says Your Card had to be a Rectangle?

I LOVE making these fun little shaped cards! It is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 as long as you have a die cutting machine and some fun dies.
First figure out what size you would like your card - now set your card (or folded piece of cardstock) on your die in the position you are happy with, making sure that your creased side is inside your die - this way your die won't cut through your card. Now run it through your die cutting machine as you normal.

And voila an awesome shaped card!

Really this works with any shaped dies. How about a scalloped circle?

Or a small heart?

Now who wouldn't love getting this sweet little card?

This same concept works to make some very cool borders - just fold your card stock back and forth and place it on your die - remember to keep the creases just inside the die - to do this you will need your folded piece to be about an 1/8" smaller than the die shape that will be cut.

I hope this little "how-to" helps you to think outside the box because who said your cards have to be rectangular?


Lee said...

Very smart, Stacey. Just one more reason I should get some more dies! Hmm.

Jayne said...

Very cool!

katemeri said...

Thank you so much! I don't have very many of these but I do have the scalloped circle and what a cute card it makes! Very creative!

Robin Gibson said...

This is the MOST CLEVER idea I've seen in a LONG time!!! WHOO HOO!!! (now I just need some dies, lol~ I might have to see how I can make this work on my cricut. GREAT IDEA!!!