Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Trick-or-treat! (treat bags)

I am excited that I get to be the first one to share some ideas with you! Our teaching days will focus on little things you can use on layouts or make with your scrappy supplies. There won't always be this many ideas in one day...but I just couldn't pick only one thing to share!

There are so many different ways you can create cute little treat holders. I finally decided on two different holders you can hang from a doorknob and one you can toss into bags on halloween night. The doorknob holders would be fun to surprise your children, neighbors or co-workers. The best part is that you probably already have everything you need to make these in your scrappy stash!

Black Cat Treat Bag

You’ll need:
Black cardstock
Scraps of yellow and pink
Something to trace a circle (like a plate)
Circle punch (2 sizes if you have them…if not, you can still do it with one)
Black ribbon and a large needle

1. Trace and cut a large circle from a sheet of 12x12 black cardstock.

2. Draw a “peace sign” on the back of the circle to divide it into thirds. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

3. Cut along the lines you just drew.

4. Roll the papers into cones and glue together.

5. Punch out two yellow circles for the eyes. Reinsert the circles into the punch to create the cat’s eye shape.

6. Create the black part of the eye the same way.

7. Punch a nose for the cat from the pink cardstock.

8. Poke three holes on each side of the cat’s face for the whiskers.

9. Using the needle, draw the ribbon through the holes to create whiskers.

10. Add a couple of black triangles for the ears and a ribbon to hang it from a doorknob.

11. Don’t forget the candy!!

Halloween Door Hanger

You’ll need:
Cardstock or Patterned paper
Scoring tool (optional)
Extra embellishments as desired
Circle cutter or something round to trace

1. Cut a strip of paper 5” x 12.”
2. Cut a rectangle 5” x 7” and score/fold it 1” on three sides as shown.

3. Glue the smaller rectangle to the longer one.

4. Cut a circle out of the top of the longer rectangle to hang on a doorknob.
5. Embellish as desired.

Simple Candy Goodie Bag

You’ll need:
Plastic sandwich bag
Cardstock-black, orange and white
Black pen
Black ink pad

1. Cut a square of black cardstock the width of your bag.
2. Fold the cardstock in half.
3. Create a ghost template by drawing one in pencil and cutting it out.
4. Trace and cut out your ghost on white cardstock.
5. Ink around the edges of the ghost with black ink.
6. Use die cut letters or stickers to create the “boo.”
7. Fill the bag with candy and staple the folded over black cardstock onto it. Try to plan where you will be gluing your decorations so you can cover up the staples.
8. Glue the ghost and letters to the black cardstock.

I hope you enjoy these ideas! If you make any of them, we'd love to see! Just link us to your creation in the comment section so we can all ooohhh and ahhhh over your work. Have a wonderful Wednesday!!


Jayne said...

Super cute Stacey! May get my kids in on this one :)

Char said...

These are great! Jonah is at the perfect age to get him into this.
One comment about the site, not sure if it has been mentioned, but the text runs off the side and not all words are visible. Not sure if it is just me though.

So excited that the first idea is posted!

Stacy said...

Love them all! I am with Jayne, I think Gabe may like to make some of these, especially for his preschool Halloween party. Thanks Stacey!

Lisa said...

Love these ideas - too cute! The kiddos & I will be making them for their teachers for sure.

Becky said...

So cute Stacey! I may have to have my daughter make the goodie bag to take treats to her friends at school. :)

Boston Family said...

Great stuff Stacey! I love Halloween treats.

Rachel said...

Cute treats! Makes me want to go buy candy.
Not sure if you fixed the problem or what but the text looks fine on my screen. :)

Rachel said...

Cute treats! Makes me want to go buy candy.
Not sure if you fixed the problem or what but the text looks fine on my screen. :)

Lita said...

Great stuff - love the kitty!

Daisymeh said...

Oh Stacey! These are great! I love them so much!

Denise said...

Stacey, you always have such cute ideas! Thanks for sharing!

BTW text is off on my screen

KariAnnS said...

These are sooo cute!! I can't wait to try it. Thanks for the inspiration!

JeanneLee said...

Stacey, I LOVE this cat!!

shirley319 said...

Love the goodie bag idea - plan to use in my son's 3rd grade class as the craft for their upcoming Fall Harvest party.
Thanks for the great ideas!