Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wooden Block Project

After you've taken down all of your Christmas decorations, It can be a bummer to see your home decor look so plain. Why not throw together this little wooden block project to add some new color to the mix? This is a super simple project that can easily be put together in 2 hours or so.

2-inch plain wooden blocks (you'll determine the number you need based on the message[s] you choose for your blocks)
Acrylic paint
Assorted patterned paper
Assorted embellishments (rub-ons, flowers, ribbon, alpha stickers or chipboard, buttons, metal pieces, etc.)
Mod Podge
Foam brushes
Other: adhesives*, paper trimmer
*For this project, a very tacky adhesive, such a glue dots, is preferable.

1. Paint your blocks in your desired color(s) and allow to dry completely.

2. Trim your patterned paper into squares of various sizes (all must be 2" or smaller). Adhere to your blocks using Mod Podge. (I use a foam brush to paint the glue on the back of each paper piece. For this project, I didn't Mod Podge over the paper at all to save drying time, although you could certainly do so if that were your preference.)

3. Adhere chipboard or sticker letters to your blocks for each sentiment you wish them to convey. I decorated 2 sides of my block set, with one side saying. "Welcome," and the reverse saying, "The Bells."

4. Embellish your blocks as you desire. For the metal pieces I used below, I drilled very small holes and attached the tag holders and clips with small brads.


Stacey said...

That is soooo cute! I totally want to make a set!

MidniteScrapper said...

This is very cute! I am assuming that I can get the blocks at Michael's or some such place (already cut)? Thanks for the inspiration!

Char said...

What a great idea! I may have to grab some of these at Michaels! I have yet to alter something - yet being the key word, right ladies?? LOL.

Daisymeh said...

This is so cute Amy! I may need to make me a set of these...not sure for where though!

Jayne said...

Adorable Amy!

Gwen said...

Those are really cute!!!

Amy said...

That is so cute! I love the color choice on this project.