Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Year of Cheer!

Do you run around at the last minute to make a birthday card or worse yet run out and buy one every time you need one? Well, no more! Feeling Scrappy's next class "A Year of Cheer" is the one for you!

During this 10 day class (from February 2 through the 11th) Feeling Scrappy will help you get organized and create cards for all your birthdays (and a few other special days) for the whole year! You will get sketches, ideas and learn new techniques to give your cards a personal touch that Hallmark could never compete with!

If you would like to join us just use the payment button in the right hand column or click the "classes" tab at the top of the page. OR for a chance at a free class give our challenge a try!Looking forward to seeing you in the class forum!


Amy said...

I so need to do this! I'm not a big card maker but would love to have some made up to give out. Maybe this would be the push I need. :)

Daisymeh said...

I am looking forward to this class! It's going to be a fun time!