Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halloween is right around the corner.....

...and we love Halloween! We love decorating - the whole family enjoys throwing out ideas and seeing the house done up! We are thinking spooky!!! Dear hubby suggested a full sized Michael Myers propped behind our backyard gate - the street light shines right on the gate - it would be fun!!!

I have been searching for the best of ideas and have a nice file going - I thought I'd share some of my favorite sources with you.

Xander and I are loving the ideas for using gourds and pumpkins to set really fun fall scenes. Martha Stewart has some great ideas!!
More Pumpkins
and Even More Pumpkins

How about a Skull Wreath for your door?

Or a wheel barrow full of bones - such a fun idea!!!

These Mummies are just too cool!!

And I would be forever grateful if my wonderful hubby would make me a couple of these spooky trees!!!

Really I could go on and on and on - the internet and the library are wonderful resources for ideas! If you have a great idea - please do share - I am sure everyone would love to hear!! If you have photos of your spooky displays post them on your blog and link to it here - it would be great fun to see!!!

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