Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tips for using sketches

We are in the last week of Sketchapalooza and I have been working with a lot of sketches lately. I love sketches because they are a great starting point and inspiration for my pages.

Maybe you already use and love sketches as much as I do. But maybe they scare you. Or maybe you feel limited by them. If this describes you, (and even if it doesn't) here are a few tips for working with sketches.

1. Use a sketch as a starting point and don't feel bound to it.
2. Use the elements as inspiration...feel free to pick and choose only some parts of the sketch to use. Don't be afraid to make changes. Take away papers, elements, etc. or even add some.
3. If there is a flower or other object on the sketch, it is generally representative of any embellishment so be creative!
4. Turn or flip the sketch to fit your photos better.
5. Don't feel like you have to use the exact number of photos on the sketch. I actually rarely use the number called for. I use the photo "areas" as a guide and use the number of photos I have to scrap.
*Finally, have fun with it and scrap away! It's totally fine if the end result doesn't even resemble the sketch. The most important thing is that you are documenting important memories.

I hope you try some of these tips on the next sketch you use! Check out my post from last Friday for a new sketch to inspire you. :)

Happy scrapping!! And I hope to see you in Feeling Scrappy's next Sketchapalooza!

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