Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Spy ...

Plenty of gorgeous layouts have been finding their way onto our Feeling Scrappy Facebook Gallery.  I have a few favourites:

Big Bright Eyes by Tricia Cox Garrett
I have to say that even though there is a ton going on with this page the central focus is still the photo and those bright eyes! The tones are perfect!

 Junior Challenge by Debra King
This jumped out at me on the gallery. What bold photos and a great event to remember! Love the three circles on the bottom. Gorgeous.

Waiting for Santa by Carrie Ann Chesney Dressler
I love the use of universal elements to draw in the viewer. In this case the "Santa belt" is so recognizable it reinforces the title. The papers are gorgeous, too!

Which layout appeals to you? Scraplift it! Then post your lift on our Facebook page for all of us to admire. Remember, a scraplift can be based on topic, colours or design. Whatever tweaks that creative spark. Go for it!

I chose all of the layouts from our Facebook gallery and they are all fabulous - but we don't have nearly enough of them! You'll notice that Becky and I have contributed quite a number but we want YOURS. Your gallery layouts do not have to be based on the Feeling Scrappy Sketchapalooza sketches as we have the gallery on the class site for that. Please feel free to use the Facebook gallery to post your work in between the classes and keep connected with your classmates and friends!

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The Bell Family said...

I just posted a few of my latest pages on FB. :)

Love everyone's work, and I am so excited for the class!