Saturday, March 13, 2010

Is that Spring in the air?

I don't know about where you are, but here in Southern Ontario (Canada, outside of Toronto) we can sense Spring is almost here! I am already thinking of planting my pots of flowers and tomato plants; putting out the patio furniture and washing all the windows. I will still have to wait another month or more for any of that to happen.

So, in the meantime, I don't want to waste this feeling of energy and anticipation! To celebrate the departure of winter, I can do things inside to herald the arrival of sunshine and happiness!

My idea of fun? SPRING CLEANING!

What is your favourite thing to do? Do you like to tackle big projects or start small? I go through my entire house, from top to bottom and make a list of all the big and small projects in every room. It is  an overwhelming, but necessary, task. Sometimes, intimidation rears it's ugly head and I find it hard to get motivated so I start with something small. Once that’s done, I always realize it really didn’t take too much time at all and ultimately carry on and get far more accomplished than I expected. It is such a wonderful feeling. Pure bliss.

So, this weekend, in anticipation of Spring, I am going to dedicate some time to cleaning out my bathroom drawers: toss all of the old makeup, expired medications, combine or toss all of the bottles with just a smidge of product on the bottom and give all of my towels a good wash - they're all white, so a good soak in bleach alternative too! I bet (other than the laundry) it will take me less than 15 minutes to get it all done. A quarter hour well spent!

Head over to these sites for great Cleaning and Organizing ideas:

Let us know what you manage to accomplish. I'll be posting my "before" and "after" photos over on the Facebook page. Be sure to check it out on Monday!

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