Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Featured Scrapper

Today I'd like to take a moment to introduce Robin Gibson, there is so much about her that I didn't know - what an exciting life! :)

How and when did you first start scrapbooking?

There I was hiking on the AT (Appalachian Trail), in the summer of 2002. I was lucky enough to meet this handsome man named David, while he was out volunteering for trail work. Well, long story made short, we became a 'pair'. And while I've always been a 'crafty girl', I had never 'scrapped' as we know it, until about this time.. David, has a brother named Matt. Matt Gibson was, at this time, starting a company called Reminisce. And so began my addiction to paper and glue, and now all sorts of other wonderful scrappy items! {I am a spoiled girl, and I know it!}

What is the most important aspect to scrapbooking to you?

I would have to say that having the opportunity to be creative, and document special/every day moments of my family & loved ones. I love the whole tactile part of playing with paper and glue, and buttons and ribbon and stuff. And I find that all very therapeutic, and a great stress-reliever. But I do love making things that my family appreciates, and will for a long time to come. I love making them feel like the special people that they are, by giving them a handmade gift.

What are your favorite pages to work on?

I think my favorite pages to do, are of my husband and I, followed closely by my dogs. I don't have kids, so I rarely scrap children. I scrap other family events, photos, and stories. But my husband is my better half, and the puppies are our children, so they are the most fun for me to spend time on!

What if anything do you find hard to scrap?

I find it hard to scrap about me. I h-a-t-e- having my picture taken, lol. Odd thing I guess, for someone who carries her camera around with her EVERYWHERE! I don't like to have it turned on me! But I do, at times, and then my hardest thing is to make a page about it!

What kind of camera do you use? Do you love it or hate it?

My camera is a new Sony Cybershot, that my hubs gave me for my birthday! I do love it. It has a capture/action setting, which I wish I could master a bit better. But it's easy to use, and a great size for having with me all the time, and I love it!

What do you enjoy most about scrapbooking?

I enjoy the tactile part of scrapping the most. I LOVE playing with the different textures and moving things here and there, before I actually adhere them for good. I enjoy color, but I think I still have a lot to learn where color and composition are concerned. I love too, that it's an ever evolving art! There is always a new technique to try, or new product to use, or creative way to use/reuse something that is a non-traditional scrapping item. I love that it challenges me to think creatively!

Tell us a little about your family.

My family is a small one. I'm married to David, who is currently in school for creative writing (and hopes to write an awesome novel some day). We have 3 dogs: Turbo, an 11 yr old Miniature Pinscher, Pandora, a 1 year old Terhuagle (David's term for the mix of Terrier/Chihuahua/Beagle, that she is), and Saffy, a 11 month old Great Dane (who is completely unaware of her size!) I have one sister, who sometimes scraps. My husband's family all live in Iowa, while we live in N.C.

Tell us about the things outside of scrapbooking that you enjoy.

There's not a lot outside of scrapbooking that I have time to do. I work a lot right now, while David is in school. I'm a nurse, and work on a high-risk pregnancy floor {where you go when you are trying to not have your baby too soon}. I do this on the weekends. Then during the week, a lot of days, I teach nursing assistant students. I enjoy both of those, but look forward to my husband writing a best-selling novel, :D.

Tell us something about yourself that your Feeling Scrappy friends do not know.

The summer of 2002, I took a leave of absence from work, and hiked for about 3 months on the Appalachian Trail. I intended to do the whole trail {2200 miles, running up the East Coast, from Georgia to Maine, for those who don't know}. My good excuse for quitting 1/2 way through, was that I met the man that eventually agreed to marry me {just last year}. But the 'real' reason was, that after 3 months I was tired of hiking forward, and found I enjoyed working on the trail to maintain it for others. So I did trail work for 3 more months, before quitting my old job, and moving to Tennessee with David. Then, I got hooked on scrapping:)

I started a blog this year, and it mostly has my scrapbooking projects that I make posted on it. I recently was lucky enough, to have made the Purple Cows Design Team, and am SO STOKED about that, too! So there's lots of scrappy goodness to come, as I get started making projects with those trimmers! Please stop by and visit, and let me know you came by, I LOVE to come and visit my scrappy friends!!

THANKS SO MUCH for this opportunity! I'm still so excited, and humbled to be picked:) I LOVE all the inspiration and friendship I get the benefit of every day from my Feeling Scrappy Friends, and I feel very fortunate to know you ladies! I look forward to getting to know even more of you as we keep on learning and having fun here!

Here are a couple of her favorite layouts:

You can read more about Robin on her blog Oh Scrap!

It was very fun getting to know you better Robin!!!


HollyM said...

I love it! Robin you are incredible ~ thank you for sharing so much about yourself! :)

What an amazing adventure you've lived so far!


Jayne said...

Thank you so much for sharing Robin! You are so interesting!!So fun to get to know you better :)

Robin Gibson said...

Thank You SO much for featuring me! What an honor!! I LOVE my FS friends, and you ladies are such an inspiration to me, it's a huge complement!

Lindsey McFarland said...

I loved learning more about Robin, it was all so very interesting. I love seeing her work and can't wait to see what she comes up with in the next class!