Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cookie Decorating

When my mom was growing up, my grandma would bake sugar cookies and mix up colored frosting to decorate them. When my mom had children, she continued this tradition with us. Now, I do this very thing with my children and I hope to continue the tradition for years to come. Let me warn you, our cookies are not elegant or beautiful and would never win any sort of award for them. But they are fun to decorate and eat and we look forward to this tradition every year.

This year, I am going to make one change to the tradition. I am going to switch to gingerbread cookies instead of sugar. We don't care all that much for the taste of plain old sugar cookies but I have a fabulous gingerbread cookie recipe that we love (I'll be sharing the recipe with you in a couple of weeks!). So, I'll use the same cookie cutters my mom and grandma used, the same colored frosting and tools (good old butter knives and toothpicks) with a new cookie recipe this year.

Here's a layout I created a while back about Joshua's first year helping to decorate cookies:

I'd also like to share some sites I found about Christmas cookies. Enjoy!

Have a great Sunday!


Daisymeh said...

What a cute layout Stacey! And thanks for the great sites.

Here's a layout I did a couple years back on baking Christmas cookies:

Jayne said...

Love that layout Stacey! Thanks for the links :)