Saturday, August 8, 2009

Artist Feature

Today, I wanted to share something with you all that you may not be aware of Stacey Curry, a member of our current design team makes beautiful jewelry as well. She has been recognized for her work many times in Bead Trends magazine and I think you will find it beautiful! Here is a little about Stacey and how she got started in her business.

...and she hitched her wagon to a star

This is Stacey's journey - her "Some Kind Of Wonderful!" Back in high school (before Star Hitched Wagon™ was even a consideration), while on a family trip, Stacey discovered that friendly plastic and cameo faces when put together with feathers and rhinestones and a pin back - could in fact make some trendy jewelry. Jewelry that would be picked up by a local hospital gift shop and almost sell out at a local craft show. This was the first spark in the Star Hitched Wagon™ fire.

Fast forward a few years - to Stacey's first year away at college, she stumbled into the most fantastic little bead store in Butte, Montana. It was love at first site. Every extra penny (plus a few that weren't so extra) was spent on beads and jewelry making supplies. So the fun of custom jewelry for herself and friends starts again - over the years the little spark continues to grow. Finally in 2003 Stacey hitched her wagon to a star - just as Emerson said - and the dream was turned into a business!

Star Hitched Wagon™ continues to grow with new goals, new designs, new skills, and wonderful new and loyal customers, but Stacey's mission remains the same:To create and market beautiful, one of a kind, wearable pieces of art, for the Girl with Roots and Wings.

Below are just a few of Stacey's beautiful pieces. To see more, you can visit her website Star Hitched Wagon

Night of Dreams bracelet~
Gypsy necklace ~
Go Ahead and Fly earrings~

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