Sunday, August 16, 2009

Organizing your photos - part 2

Yesterday, I shared some links to sites with tips on organizing photos. Today, I wanted to share with you how I sort mine. I'm not claiming that it's the best way or that it will work for everyone, but maybe it will give you an idea for organizing your own.

First of all, I try to transfer my photos from my camera memory card at least once a month. I sort these into monthly folders on my computer and then divide them up into various categories or events within each month. I try to go through them immediately to delete the really bad ones or shots I have several of or that are similar.

Now, I try to order photos at least every couple of months so I don't fall too behind and feel overwhelmed. Once I get them from the printers, I sort them immediately. I keep a separate section for each album that I have in progress. I use a system from Creative Memories, but any sort of photo box would work.

Within each section, I divide my photos into events or other categories that I want scrapped together. I keep these in chronological order because that is how I organize the layouts in my albums. (I hope you can see the writing on my tabs here.)

When I am ready to scrap, all I have to do is flip through to find a set that I feel like working on. I can fit a lot of photos in these boxes so even if I am months (or more) behind in scrapping, at least my photos are sorted and ready to use. This definitely makes scrapping less stressful and I can focus on teh fun and creative part of it.

I’d love to hear your tips on organizing photos! If you have any ideas, please share them in the comment section. Have a wonderful weekend and happy organizing!

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