Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Distress Crackle Paint

Have you used these cool paints? I bought several colors about a year and half ago and although I have used them many times, they still tend to end up in the back of a drawer and become forgotten treasures. I recently pulled them all out to give them new life and start using them.

If they sit around for awhile, they can get very thick or even almost solid.

You can renew them by adding a little water and stirring them very well. (Start with a couple of drops and keep adding more as needed.)
Here’s one of mine that was almost solid and the end result after lots of stirring and shaking. Since mine had been sitting around for months (um, ok, maybe even over a year) most of mine needed some attention. (Unfortunately, I did have one of my nine bottles completely harden and I wasn’t able to save it!)

These paints are so much fun to work with and add a lot of character to a project. You can paint chipboard elements or even paint directly onto a page. Here are a couple of places I have used them:

If you’ve never tried Distress Crackle Paints, I hope you’ll consider picking up a jar next time you are shopping for scrappy supplies. And if you have some collecting dust , I challenge you to pull them out, revitalize them and use them on a crafty project!

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Char said...

I picked up 2 of these when I was in Cape Cod this May and I haven't even opened them. I really need to get to trying them!